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by:SKP     2020-03-03
With people's pursuit of leisure and entertainment activities, more and more squares have been established, such as leisure squares, cultural squares, shopping malls and so on. The square alone seems boring, and the establishment of entertainment items can improve the popularity of the square. So what entertainment items are more popular in the square? Carousel, commonly known as Trojan horse, is the most popular entertainment item in the square. It is also suitable for parks and playgrounds. It attracts tourists by its beautiful appearance. The ride experience is very romantic. Children's small trains, including cartoon trains, tracking and chasing, chasing tanks, Christmas trains, and climbing cars, are beautifully decorated and unique in shape, and march forward in the accompaniment of dynamic music, let the whole square also look very lively. Automatic control aircraft, the representative products include large-eye aircraft, 6-arm 8-arm automatic control aircraft, 8-arm automatic control Bee, rotating Apache, and lunar landing. The design is novel and unique, and the cockpit rotates around the central axis during operation, thrilling and exciting. Related links: inflatable battery car robot pedal electric plush car bumper car rotating aircraft inflatable trampoline
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