What is the configuration of armored chariots for Square amusement equipment? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-02
The high-end armored chariots of SKP company have attracted the attention of people from all walks of life since they came into being. SKP company is famous for its outdoor amusement equipment and introduces advanced production equipment to the whole children's amusement equipment industry, strict production management ensures professional, standardized and modular production professional designers to independently research and develop high-quality equipment profiles from the source to ensure product quality for reprocessing and production, so as to ensure the safe operation of amusement equipment. Many spare parts brand partners, to minimize the incidence of equipment failure, cost-effective outdoor amusement equipment is not only reasonable in price but also guaranteed in quality. We can pay more attention to details when judging the quality of equipment. The outdoor amusement equipment with high cost performance can not only help us to return to the cost as soon as possible, but also be safe and reliable. It is a good outdoor amusement equipment that can operate for a long time and make profits for a long time. Armored chariot size: 160*120*110 Weight: 120kg load: 200kg motor power: 24 V, 500 W Brush Motor Battery: chaowei 20*4 controller: 24 V, 500 watt three generation LCD controller brake: Electronic brake. Shell: thickened national standard steel plate. Color: red, blue, military green, paint treatment. Tires: front and rear vacuum off-road tires. Speed: 1 ~ 18 km/h adjustable. Lights: full car colorful lights. Radar: front and rear anti-collision radar.
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