What is the difference between a power grid bumper car and a battery bumper car, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-09
Bumper Car is a kind of mobile game facility, and the equipment includes bumper car vehicles and an indoor venue. The grid bumper car is powered from the ceiling of the site. There is a line on the bumper car that touches the ceiling of the site. The ground is also iron plate. The metal part of the car contacts the ground to form a loop. The battery bumper car is powered by the battery. Woqi introduces in detail the configuration and advantages of several woqi battery bumper cars: 1. Tiger cow bumper car Tiger cow bumper car is a new square toy car introduced by the company, with three generations of controllers, equipped with anti-collision strips, mushroom lamp version, cute shape, very popular with the children of the square, selling all over the country and overseas markets. 1. Scope of use: shopping centers, parks, squares, scenic spots, amusement parks 2. Woqi bumper car is powered by two 12V20A batteries (Real super power battery)Long battery life. 3. Woqi Tiger cow bumper car uses brushless motor to mute, has long service life, wear-resistant tires and reliable quality. 4. Woqi Tiger cow bumper car uses polyurethane environmentally friendly anti-collision strips, 5. Woqi Tiger cow bumper car has three-dimensional sound effects and bright LED lights. Second, the future war boat bumper car the future war boat bumper car is the company's new parent-child double interactive bumper car, using: FRP material, stepless speed regulation, thick anti-collision, cool shape, etc. 1. Cool LED lights: LED colorful lights, make bumper cars more cool, attract children's attention, more active, live atmosphere 2. Thickened anti-collision: thickened anti-collision strips are safer and children are more at ease when playing. 3. Remote control configuration: configure the remote control to control the vehicle more conveniently. 4. Intelligent mainboard: stepless speed change intelligent mainboard, remote control, electronic brake, stable performance without burning board.
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