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by:SKP     2020-01-26
As a place for children to teach, many parents will take their children to play, so more and more entrepreneurs are looking for business opportunities. So what should I do to open a naughty Castle? The value of the naughty Fort equipment project, there are two main ways to quote the children's naughty Fort: 1. According to the size of the children's playground, the square quotation. 2, according to the type of equipment matched in the naughty Castle. How big is the area of the square quotation children's park? I think the customer has already taken good care of the place before doing it. Usually like the supermarket shopping center, ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters, it is necessary to think about the length, width and height of the place, it is also necessary to know what kind of theme the customer likes and what kind of detailed amusement equipment, etc. , and finally estimate the quotation. Children's naughty Castle quotation is generally quoted according to the square, usually 600 ~ 1200 yuan per square meter, depending on the material, grade, and equipment of the naughty Castle, the specific price will be different. The way to quote for children's naughty Castle is generally to conduct market inspection first, then select the site, make the configuration plan according to the size of the site, and finally quote according to the plan. Direct quotation is unscientific and unreasonable. What is the price of children's naughty Castle? How much is generally calculated? The whole set of quotations some children's parks are a whole, so they are directly quoted, such as track racing, tank battle, parent-child baking, interactive projection, etc. The price of such general amusement equipment is about 3- 50 thousand per set, the amusement equipment quoted according to the set cannot provide reference data. If necessary, you can directly consult the specific equipment price. To sum up, for the calculation of the price of naughty Castle, we should still measure the actual area of the site according to our own actual situation to make a reasonable quotation. In addition, the area of amusement equipment quoted by sets is generally fixed. If you want to make it larger, you can prepare one more set. For example, there are 2 projection equipment in some large children's amusement parks and children's naughty castles-3 sets of amusement equipment are not equal. Children's naughty fort can be purchased directly from manufacturers, or you can choose to join brands and be provided by brands. The advantage of these two channels is that the product quality is guaranteed, joining can also support site selection, operation and other aspects, which is very suitable for inexperienced entrepreneurs.
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