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by:SKP     2020-03-05
When looking for projects, we will look for many projects. The project I will introduce to you today is the square toy car. Among the people who have been to the square, the real consumption is the children. The female consumption is in the night market. The old man goes to the square just for fitness, and the old man's consumption desire is not strong. The conclusion is that the most spending power of the square is the children, and the children's toys in the square are specially designed for children. Suitable for day and night operations. The square toy battery toy car is equipped with dazzling lights, music and timing, so that children like it, the operators are more worry-free, do not have to time themselves. When the car reaches the preset time, the car will stop automatically. The car is equipped with a return reminder function, and it is more convenient to collect the car. With the change of living habits, evening consumption has become a large part of income. Toy battery cars are equipped with independent power switches, which can turn off colored lights during daytime operation and extend the operation time of cars. The car timing function can set the time according to your operating time requirements. Generally, the operation time is 10 minutes, and there will be a return reminder in 9 minutes. The car body itself has music, and the volume setting can be set according to its own requirements. Body music can also be supported, SD Card Play choose your favorite music. There are many types of toy cars in the square. It is also very important to choose a suitable car for your own square. You can choose a suitable car according to your own business requirements. If you have a square, you can put it on the square at night without taking care of it, some need to be pulled away from the square and put into the factory Library.
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