What is the profit of the 100-square-meter naughty Castle in one year -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-25
The operation of naughty Castle Park is a long-term job. The operator needs to maintain his operation attentively and grasp various factors so as to continuously generate profits for your naughty Castle Park, only in this way can children have a safe and happy entertainment place. Profits of 100 square meters naughty Castle for one year some entrepreneurs will enter the children's amusement industry by opening a small and medium-sized naughty Castle. Although the cost of small and medium-sized naughty castles is not high, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to make money, and they will still worry about losing money. SKP company takes the 100-square-meter naughty Castle as an example to analyze the profit of a year? Will you lose money? The profit of 100 Ping naughty Castle in one year how much does it cost to open 100 Ping naughty Castle? Site rent, about 30 ~ per flat ~ 60 yuan. Equipment cost, naughty Castle equipment about 500 ~ RMB 800. There are also decoration and publicity expenses and staff expenses. 100 Ping naughty Castle needs about 2 staff members, so most entrepreneurs have enough hands on their own and do not need additional recruitment. Due to the difference in actual situation, the specific cost is also different. The cost of 100 Ping naughty Castle is generally 6 ~ Between 150 thousand, we calculate at the cost of 100 thousand. What is the annual income of children's naughty Fort 100? Suppose it is a community store, the ticket fee is 30 yuan per time, the monthly card is 270 yuan, the season card is 700 yuan, the half-year card is 1200 yuan, and the annual card is 2000 yuan. Receive 3 individual guests every day, and the monthly individual income is about 2700 yuan; 20 monthly sales cards, 5400 yuan per month; 5 quarterly cards, 3500 yuan per month; Three half-year cards and three annual cards, 3600 yuan and 6000 yuan respectively. Monthly sales are 2. 120 thousand, in addition to retail income such as drinks, snacks and toys. Roughly according to the monthly income budget of 20 thousand, the annual income is 240 thousand. What is the profit of 100 Ping naughty Castle in one year? The profit of the 100-square-meter naughty Castle is about 140 thousand a year. Of course, the above data is not accurate and is for reference only. However, we can also see that it is not difficult to make a profit for a 100-square-meter naughty Castle. Naughty Castle is easy to operate and has a high rate of return on investment. In fact, as long as entrepreneurs understand operation and do it with heart and do these jobs well, it is not difficult for naughty castle to make profits. 1. Site selection, select the location with sufficient passenger flow and convenient transportation. 2, equipment, choose high-quality fun, safe and reliable naughty Fort equipment. 3, decoration and publicity, the store is clean and tidy, publicity is in place, attracting customers to come in and consume. 4, operation, irregular planning of various activities, increase interactivity, and occasionally encourage customers to consume through promotional activities. 5, service, do a good job in management, thoughtful and considerate service, to provide customers with a comfortable and pleasant consumption experience.
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