What is the quality of the royal carriage produced by Guangzhou SKP company? , Industry news-SKP comp

by:SKP     2020-02-29
Many people are interested in investing and starting a business. Being interested is a necessary condition for our success in starting a business. Secondly, we need to have a business mind, the price of children's amusement equipment, and master more know-how, so as a children's amusement equipment operator, what business skills do we need to know? In order to continuously play their strengths in the market and achieve their own profitability? In the past 2 years, a very popular small amusement equipment royal carriage, parent-child 4 seats, interesting. The above products are the best-selling products of Guangzhou Haibei amusement. All business investors should go to the manufacturers to see more when selecting equipment. Royal carriage configuration table: Size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 mass: 150kg load: 200kg shell: reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather-resistant automotive paint. Motor: 48 sets of brushless gears high efficiency 500 watts motor controller: 3 generations of LCD 48 sets of brushless 500 watts controller battery: chaowei 20A * 4 brake: high efficiency electronic brake, stop lights when loose feet: colorful lights and neon high-profile reflective strips tires: high-efficiency wear-resistant rubber anti-burst tires color: Phnom Penh color bumper: GB 50 stainless steel tube, start system: remote control key double start time setting: 1- 60 Minutes random timing anti-collision: front and back are equipped with anti-collision radar
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