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by:SKP     2020-01-30
We know that today's children's education in amusement equipment has attracted much attention from all aspects of society. In order to develop more skills for their children, many parents always take their children to participate in various trainings. In recent years, children's taekwondo training has also become a popular choice for many parents. So, what are the benefits of children practicing taekwondo? Let's first take a look at the material of the taekwondo mat: the air cushion material is imported raw materials, Korean technology, new technology. Amusement equipment with gray, white and blue colors this product is not in stock and must be ordered and sold. Refund will not be accepted once payment is made. The air cushion material is 1. 0 thick PVC imported fabric, air cushion size can be customized according to the size of the hall. Colors can also be selected in a variety of colors. When not in use, let go of some gas, so that the life is longer! What are the benefits of practicing taekwondo with children's amusement equipment? The fitness function of taekwondo for healthy children is self-evident. The movements included in taekwondo include: Various kicks, upper frame, lower section, stretching, etc. of the arms, which can enhance the muscles and strength of young children, and improve the elasticity of tendons, ligaments and muscles, thereby enhancing the physical strength and flexibility of young children. Kaizhi taekwondo amusement equipment can give many good stimuli to the brain, which cannot be ignored, and these stimuli can effectively improve children's intelligence. The taekwondo practice process is not only the contraction of skeletal muscles, but also the comprehensive play of right brain functions such as spatial perception, experience and type identification. Therefore, it is very conducive to the development of children's right brain functions such as spatial transformation and body perception, improved image thinking and creativity. 3. Heart-cultivating taekwondo needs to define the orientation by changing the direction, thus developing children's spatial perception; In addition, children should take the initiative to find ways to overcome difficulties, exercise their will, cultivate their brave spirit, and learn the correct attitude towards people, things and things. 4 Zhi Li taekwondo advocates the martial spirit of 'the beginning of the ceremony', and pays attention to the fact that the art has not been learned before the ceremony, and the martial arts have not been learned before. Through the mutual respect between teachers and children, the salute ceremony during activities, and the mutual courtesy between children, children can understand the meaning of 'courtesy' and know how to do it. What is the role of taekwondo mats? 1. It has good cushioning and shockproof effects to protect the practitioner. 2, taekwondo mat has a closed cell hole, play a sound insulation effect. 3. The surface adopts a variety of patterns to prevent slipping. 4, taekwondo mat scope of application: can be in the room, bathroom; Gymnasiums, stadiums, kindergartens, taekwondo halls, martial arts halls, dance rooms, outdoor and other places are laid. 5. Specifications of taekwondo floor mats: Currently, the main ones used in our country are 100 long, 100 wide and 2 thick respectively. 0cm Standard, 2. 5cm competition type and 3. 0cm thickened type. The child and mother teeth are spliced and tightly connected. Now the common patterns are T-shaped and five-way. Color general for red and blue two sides yellow blue two sides yellow-green two sides and
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