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by:SKP     2020-02-13
People who have played amusement equipment know that bumper cars are very popular amusement equipment. This kind of car is generally very exciting when it is driven faster, due to the large number of styles, both adults and children can play. However, due to the fact that the battery bumper car has been playing for a long time, there will be a problem, that is, the speed of the car will slow down. What causes the speed of the car to slow down? Today, Guangzhou SKP company bumper car manufacturers will tell us about the reasons why cars and cars slow down. 1. The bumper car battery is dead, which will cause the speed of the car to slow down. For cars that have just been bought or have a long time, customers can replace the bumper car battery or charge the bumper car to eliminate this problem.     2. The problem of speed regulating switch leads to slow speed. Generally, this kind of situation will cause common faults in about half a year. We can detect the car, toggle the switch to drive, and observe whether there is any change in speed, if there is a change, the switch is no problem. If there is no change, the switch is damaged and needs to be replaced, or the switch is unplugged to directly connect the latter two thread ends, so that it can be fixed in a fast position.     3. If the driving wheel is seriously worn, the speed will slow down, and the driving wheel of the car will be seriously worn, resulting in the circumference of the driving wheel becoming smaller, then the distance traveled per unit time will become shorter, so the feeling will slow down, replace the drive wheel and the rear wheel to troubleshoot.     4. The motor rotor has poor contact with the carbon brush. It is common to start driving without walking or starting driving with one rush and one rush. Cleaning the position of the rotor and the carbon brush can solve the common failure of the slow speed of bumper cars.   5. If the wheel bearing is broken, the speed will slow down. Check whether the wheel shakes left and right. If the wheel shakes badly, replace the wheel bearing to eliminate the fault. The above is about the reason why the bumper car manufacturer tells the slow speed of the battery touching the car. When the car we operate has the problem of the car slowing down, according to the above methods, we can check the cars one by one, find out which aspects have problems, solve the problems in time, and avoid affecting our operation of bumper car amusement equipment.
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