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by:SKP     2020-01-25
Inflatable toys, inflatable ponds, inflatable slides, trampoline, fortresses and other children's toy facilities are cherished by children and parents because of their fashionable styles and profound travel, it is now a small investor planning project in playgrounds, squares, parks and communities. Because Fang Jin does not have a manufacturing standard for the right way in the shopping mall, the shopping malls of inflatable slide toys are particularly disordered, and there are many different quality inflatable toys. Customers accidentally buy products with poor quality, the existence of this large Safety Hazard makes parents quite worried. Provincial inflatable slide manufacturers have a strict standard for the quality criteria of inflatable toys. We have taken it seriously and become the most stringent location criteria for inflatable slides in China, the benefits of buyers everywhere are guaranteed. According to the guidelines, we have the following guidelines to ensure the quality of the products. The total score of the products is the most important. It is strictly formulated that the weight of the inflatable slides can not be less than 3 kilograms per square meter. 45mm thick PVC fabric is the most standard. Sewing thread, double thread stitching, uniform sewing thread spacing, so that the inflatable slide has better air tightness and longer service life. Windproof is the biggest safety problem in planning inflatable toys. According to the guidelines, there are at least 6 windproof noses on the inflatable slide, which is used for customers to keep the inflatable slide firmly on the land, of course, this demand is determined according to the size of the manufacturing. Usually, one should be set at a interval of 180, and each setting should resist at least of pulling force. Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd devotes itself to the planning, design and decoration of the internal projects of the large, medium and small venues of the children's paradise, which not only highlights the characteristics and themes of the children's paradise from a professional perspective, but also improves the grade of the venue. In the planning and design of the children's amusement park, the company has continuously introduced new styles, creating new styles such as ice and snow, Rainbow, forest magic, and traditional ocean, candy, space science fiction, etc, meet all kinds of site needs. For more information, please call: 13925028037 for more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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