What minefields and industry news are there in the process of purchasing children's amusement equipment-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-01
It is not too much to describe the types of children's amusement equipment as hundreds of thousands. The Variety also brings a lot of problems to investors, so what are the aspects of the purchase process that are easy to 'step on the Thunder? As we all know, the development of China's amusement industry in the past two years can be described as in full swing. In the eyes of most investors, this industry can be said to be a project that makes money without compensation. What Xiaobian reminds you here is: don't take it for granted that if the amusement industry wants to make money, it also needs to grasp the details everywhere. Here are some tips for purchasing. A big minefield is blindly believing that the more equipment, the more popular it will be. In fact, no matter which industry, it should make a reasonable layout according to its own site, especially for the amusement industry, when purchasing children's amusement equipment, consider your own operating area, so as not to leave tourists a chaotic and intuitive feeling. Besides, is it not to increase your upfront investment cost for each additional equipment? There is also a minefield that no longer chooses to compare the manufacturers. No matter how dazzling the advertisements you saw before, you should go to the factory area to inspect when purchasing equipment, otherwise you may encounter 'Leather Bag Company' or 'intermediary' and increase the investment cost, is safety really guaranteed? The third biggest minefield is that the purchased children's amusement equipment is not enough to attract people. Investors may think that traditional equipment may make children tired of playing. If they want to seize the market in a shorter time, they must choose new equipment, this is also a wrong idea. After all, it is difficult for a new project to become popular. The fourth largest minefield is simply focusing on appearance and ignoring expandability. Especially for children, they are in their growing period, and the equipment they choose can meet the needs of children to expand and move, and it may be better to stimulate their rich imagination and creativity. In the face of the current market situation, the new type of children's amusement will be developed and published one after another. In order to complete the profit-making work faster, then it is necessary to choose a safe, reliable and qualified manufacturer. The amusement industry is not a one-shot deal. It also needs daily maintenance and overhaul. Timely after-sales service is also a prerequisite for ensuring the operation of amusement projects.
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