What new double Children's bumper cars are supplied in Guangzhou, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-28
According to the needs of the market, the development of children's amusement equipment industry is getting better and better now, and there will be more and more manufacturers of children's amusement equipment. Manufacturers who have just entered this industry lack sufficient understanding of this market, lack of experience in production research and development, resulting in the production of equipment can not meet the needs of the market. What kind of children's play equipment has a market? First of all, safe children's play equipment. Children are vulnerable groups that are extremely vulnerable. Safety must be put in the first place at the beginning of the design of children's amusement equipment. Attention should be paid to the detailed design of the equipment, and no dangerous protrusions (Such as nails and bolts, etc) , Extrusion points, sharp edges, sharp corners and openings that may jam children's heads and fingers to avoid accidental injuries during children's activities. Amusement equipment aimed at serving children. Children's amusement equipment is designed for children, so the design must conform to the physical characteristics of children. Factors such as children's height and children's activity scale should be considered. Amusement equipment that combines education with fun. Considering the demand of children's activity diversity and the factors such as children's psychological characteristics, psychological needs and interests, the design integrates participation, diversity, knowledge and interest at the beginning, let children learn knowledge in the process of playing, improve the development and development of intelligence and brain.
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