When does Jiangsu sell steel frame bungee jumping? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-15
First, the main index of 'bungee jumping' is 1, the height of the steel frame is 4 meters, and the floor area is 2 meters × 2 meters. The equipment is easy to disassemble, move, keep and do not need any ground construction. 2, there is a trampoline underneath. Effectively protect passenger safety while assisting to complete the bounce. 3, elastic rope: Malaysia imported bungee elastic rope, 3 on each side. The number can be increased or decreased according to the weight of the child. For safety, the number of single-sided elastic ropes is at least 2. 4, children bungee jumping, tourists weighing less than 50 KG. Second, the 'bungee jumping' gameplay and Safety 1, the staff to fasten the seat belt for the passengers, and then pull up the traction rope at the same time, so that the elastic rope is stressed, and the traction rope can be used. 2. Check the vulnerable parts of the product and replace the traction rope from time to time. If problems are found, they must be replaced or repaired immediately. Third, the benefit analysis of 'bungee jumping', how much economic benefits can this product input bring to customers? Let's analyze it. 1. Calculated by daily income: 20 yuan per person each time, 3 minutes for each operation, 3 minutes for an interval, 10 people per hour, 5 hours per day: daily income is 20 yuan/person × 10 people/hour × 5 hours = 1000 yuan 2. Calculated by annual income: assuming that only 114 days are calculated by holidays, then: 114 × 1000 yuan/day = 114000 yuan this is only the income of one bungee jumping, then 5 are: 5 × 114000 = 570000 annual site expenses, labor and expenses, etc. are inconvenient to analyze here. The above data is for reference only!
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