Where did you buy the Le Bar car in the square? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-06
Everyone will see the shadow of the music car in many squares and shopping malls. Many children like this kind of toy car very much. The main reason is that it is very comfortable and cool to sit inside, moreover, parents are really at ease with this kind of toy car, so the market investment prospect is very broad and entrepreneurs can easily make money. The investment cost of buying a Leba car is not very high. If you buy a few cars, you can start a business directly. Because you don't need to invest other costs, you will feel more relaxed in starting a business, in particular, it can make the management process simpler and naturally enable small entrepreneurs to get better profit margins. It is suggested that you need to buy this kind of toy car from a professional and regular manufacturer. Only in this way can you ensure better safety and functionality and be more reasonable in price positioning, if there is any problem, there will be a professional team to provide solutions for everyone. Naturally, entrepreneurs can be safe and secure in investing and making money. Le Bar car configuration: Host: motherboard (Five years warranty)Material: polyurethane, hardware; Battery: 12V38AH * 2; Motor: 120W * 2; Starting mode: Key starting, remote starting ,(WeChat startup requires additional money); Audio: MP3 music, shock audio independent SD card replaceable music function: Rocker operation is flexible (Program with Intelligent Brake) , Can be rotated 360 degrees to swing in any direction; There are three speeds adjustable. Load: 200, can ride two adults and two children, net weight 150.
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