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by:SKP     2020-01-27
We can often see the figure of inflatable castles in the square. Whether it is a large or small inflatable castle, or a cute, beautiful inflatable castle, it is very attractive to children, inflatable Castle is a temptation that every child can't refuse, just like some children like to eat sugar, it makes no sense. The children's idea is very simple, because they like to play, so some operators in the square found business opportunities, and the inflatable castle almost became the standard on the square. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses imported PVC high-quality materials, which are tensile and tear resistant/safe and durable/personalized. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle is mainly suitable for: new store opening, maternal and infant store, Western restaurant, supermarket, home, Park, kindergarten, amusement park and other places! 3. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle advantage :(1). Strong and durable: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses 5mm diameter stainless steel terrain ring windproof nose, floor board. Better fixing products make them safer and firmer. (2). High-quality fabrics: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses high-quality materials, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. (3). Rich colors: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle is colorful and colorful. (4). Seamless heat sealing: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses mechanical high-temperature stitching, strong and durable, and has long service life.
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