Where did you buy the robot pedal car on Liupanshui square in Guizhou? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-31
The robot pedal car is a patented product of SKP company's amusement. Once interviewed, it is deeply loved by friends in the county. The car adopts the lovely shape of simulated animals, which is fun, interesting, lifelike and vivid. Both adults and children like beautiful and lovely things, because it is not only fun, but also makes people feel happy. Now let's introduce the configuration of the robot pedal. Robot Pedal 1, product appearance product size: 85*150*160 (cm) Product color: customizable product material: steel frame 2, product configuration motor: 250W Brush Motor Battery: 20A two-piece Chaowei battery controller: three generations of intelligent controller 3, Mechanical Overview hardware: steel frame welding: full welded wheels: Starting mode of inflatable wheel motor: Key or controller accessories: plush toys, shoes, pants, etc. 4. Selling points of products: A. Simulated animal shapes, various lovely shapes, let children have more choices; B, for the sake of children's safety, a safety baffle is added in front of the foot pedal to ensure children's safety; C, the steering wheel rod bearing is more fixed and reasonable; D, the brake is changed to Electronic Brake, the brake function is safer, one is the throttle, the other is the brake; E, backrest and seat board are made of PVC environmental protection materials, which is safer. Welcome all bosses to come and visit.
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