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by:SKP     2020-03-16
Parents pay great attention to their children's outdoor activities. Every weekend or holiday, parents will take their children out to play. In recent years, Square amusement has become more and more popular. Many people want to operate Square amusement equipment, I don't know what to operate, I don't know about the products, I don't know where to buy the equipment, what to pay attention to when buying. The amusement equipment in the square mainly includes inflatable battery cars, electric bumper cars, rotating planes, rocking cars, inflatable castles, inflatable slides, robot pulling cars, robot pedaling cars, water parks, guardrails and other hundreds of amusement equipment, among them, inflatable battery cars, tank bumper cars, Tiger cow bumper cars, Mars chariots, robot cymbals, inflatable castles and inflatable slides have always been loved and supported by customers. There is no need for storefront to operate amusement equipment in the square. It is generally operated in parks, squares, shopping malls and other places. The area is not too large, the rent is generally low, and the operation of amusement equipment in the square is a cash business, there is no debt, a child is generally 10 to 15 yuan, there will be thousands of yuan of income every day during the holidays, the operator can return to the cost in a few days, it can be said that the economic benefits are very good. If you want to operate the amusement equipment in the square, first of all, choose the venue, which is usually a gathering place for people to rest and play, where children often go, and then choose products and manufacturers, the material, workmanship and style of the product that should be paid attention to when selecting the product are very important. The material and workmanship directly affect the service life of the product, only good materials and good workmanship can make the products more durable. The style directly affects the children's preference. Our inflatable battery car cover, inflatable castle and inflatable slide will produce many new models every year, moreover, different styles can be customized according to customer's needs. The venue and products are well selected. The important thing is to choose manufacturers. Manufacturers must choose direct selling manufacturers. No middlemen earn the difference, it can save costs for operators, and the after-sales service of direct selling manufacturers is more secure. Our company has special after-sales service to ensure that customers can solve problems in the first place.
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