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by:SKP     2020-02-28
Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the professional consumption and processing of children's inflatable battery cars, inflatable trampoline, plush animal cars and other commodities. Dealers who need this aspect can call the website for telephone consultation at any time, low price consumption wholesale! ! Thomas small train bumper car manufacturers inflatable products * easy to damage is the surface of the wrapping material, because of improper use or due to some unexpected circumstances during play lead to skin damage, air leakage. Then how to make up for this kind of problem and what should be paid attention to when operating. As an adult bumper ball manufacturer, for those customers who are using our products, we will provide you with a few steps: Before you deal with it, you must have a clear idea, don't blindly repair, find the correct repair ideas, you can't contact the manufacturer, or check some information. Materials to be prepared: scissors, repair materials, hot air blower or hairdryer, glue Thomas small train bumper car adult inflatable Bumper Ball 1. Don't worry when there is air leakage, and don't repair it in a hurry, first fill the ball with air, find the leaking place, mark it with a marker, and be sure to carefully check every place to repair it accurately. 2. Cut the repair material according to the size of the air leak. 3, the ball in the normal use of the process, there will be a large amount of dust on the surface, you need to use the treatment water first, wipe the surface clean, to ensure that clean, so as not to affect the degree of adhesion 4, find a hair dryer, and suitable glue, you can contact the supplier, according to the material selection. 5. Glue while blowing with a hair dryer. Glue does not have to be applied a lot, but it must be even. After sewing, it can be inflated for about half an hour to an hour, check again for damage. Thomas small train bumper car outdoor sports is an activity that people are willing to choose in their spare time. It can not only unload the pressure of work and study, but also exercise and improve their spirits, make more friends with common fun. The reason why the Bumper Ball is so sought after by the public in outdoor sports can be analyzed from the following points: outdoor sports Bumper Ball 1, gameplay, novel stimulation, unique way of playing, it can be combined with various competitions and sports activities in daily life. For example, it can be used to play football. This is also a feature of the game. Find a football field and set a Bumper Ball for everyone to compete for the PK of the football game, so that the overall game is interesting, unlimited amplification, you can use the ball body as a cover to form a tactic and strategy. If you are skilled in playing bumper balls, you can easily win the game. 2. It has high safety. It is wrapped by peripheral inflatable materials. When falling down, people will not be hurt at all. There Are handles and safety belts inside, therefore, it is quite safe to play. Thomas small train bumper car 3. It can promote children's physical growth and the cultivation of unity. For example, once a collision range is simply planned, it will fail, then divided into several teams to fight back and forth. In the middle, you need to walk back and forth and collide back and forth, so you need to consume a lot of physical strength. Group warfare also pays attention to the cooperation between certain teams. Especially in children's holidays or some campus activities, you can use the touch ball as an expansion sport.
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