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by:SKP     2020-03-09
As the weather gets colder, the outdoor amusement equipment business is not as good as day by day, while the indoor amusement equipment business is getting better. Generally, children who operate equipment indoors come to play more often, but where to open the store is more profitable for investment. As we all know, it is relatively easy to make money to open an amusement park in some large shopping malls or places with relatively large flow of people, especially the flow of people around communities and business circles is very large, these geographical locations have also become important locations for opening amusement parks, and have won many competitive places for investors. Whether it's a large shopping mall or a community, where can we make more money in indoor children's playgrounds? Let's follow SKP company's amusement equipment manufacturers to learn about it.     First of all, from the perspective of customer sources, the flow of people in the community is relatively stable and concentrated. According to the survey, most of the communities are dense high-rise residential buildings, and the space left for children to play is very limited, the children's nature is to like to play. If you open an indoor children's playground in the community, you will not worry about no business.     Opening an indoor children's playground in the community can solve the time when parents take their children out to play by car, and the children's playground is close to home. Parents are more willing to apply for a membership card and become a stable customer of the park. The service mode of opening a children's amusement park in the community can be described as flexible and varied. In addition to charging for entering the amusement park, children's custody can also be taken into account, it solves the need for parents to take care of their children for a short time due to inconvenience or going out, thus effectively grasping the profit opportunities.     Secondly, compared with stores of commercial bodies such as shopping malls and supermarkets, the rent of community stores is cheaper, which can save a large part of investment and operating costs, reduce the pressure on investors. Moreover, the main cost of the children's playground is the rent and the salary of the staff. In contrast, the profit of opening a playground in the community will be higher.     In fact, no matter where to open a children's playground, as long as it can meet the needs of children, it is a better position. If we find a good position but cannot meet the needs of children, it is still impossible to make money. In fact, both communities and supermarkets can make money, but now the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. It is difficult to find ideal shopping malls and supermarkets, while community venues are relatively easier.     Based on the above, it can be seen that there are many advantages for investors to open indoor children's amusement equipment in the society. As long as they do a good job in market research in the early stage and choose a large population of children, the surrounding communities with less competition, coupled with the post-operation management services, believe that opening a children's playground in the community can make a lot of profits for investors. No matter what kind of occasion we operate amusement equipment, we should always put safety first, followed by amusement equipment that must meet the needs of children, no matter where such equipment is operated, it can bring good profits.    
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