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by:SKP     2020-02-19
Why is the price of new amusement equipment more expensive than that of the same type of products? I believe that many investors will comprehensively compare multiple manufacturers when purchasing equipment. In the process, it is not difficult to find such a phenomenon: the price of new products is more expensive, however, after a period of precipitation, the price will drop slightly. Why is this happening? As an independent research and development, production and sales enterprise, Guangzhou SKP company will explain to you the reasons for this situation. Let's take a simple example: watermelon costs several yuan per catty when summer comes, but it will drop in a month, especially after the fruit is put on the market in large quantities. Even if the price is several times different, there are still many consumers buying in the early stage. The same is true for New Amusement Equipment. The newly launched amusement items are more likely to be favored by tourists. The novel design and gameplay design enable investors to make a profit in the early stage of equipment promotion. On the other hand, I believe everyone can understand that it is difficult to break through from scratch, especially for the research and development of new equipment, the consumption of time and money makes the launch price of a new equipment not the same as that of conventional equipment. Just as investors want to complete the return profit as soon as possible, major manufacturers also want to recover this part of the investment as soon as possible, so it is normal for the price to be higher. Of course, the production cost is another constraint factor, because this type of amusement equipment has not been produced before, and its related technology is not mature, so the amount of consumables is relatively large, its price will be slightly lower after mass production starts. There may be investors here who say: why not wait until the price is lowered? In fact, it is not difficult to see that the new amusement equipment is expensive to sell. This project is the first in the amusement park. The Psychology of mass consumption is to pursue fresh and novel things, using the new equipment to attract more tourists, the money earned in advance can be more than the price reduction! For small and medium-sized investors, they should be very cautious when purchasing new equipment. The new equipment also has a low market promotion rate, if the launch of a new device is not bought in the market, it is also a loss for investors and manufacturers. On the whole, the new equipment still has both advantages and disadvantages. It requires investors to polish their eyes and choose the amusement that suits their local area.
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