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by:SKP     2020-03-16
When operating amusement parks in winter, a very important factor is the temperature, especially the outdoor amusement parks. Under the condition of low ambient temperature, how can we seize the passenger flow so that our amusement park business will not be too deserted? In fact, if we operate children's amusement equipment in winter, children's amusement equipment that only needs to be invested can arouse children's interest in playing without worrying about not making money. Then, let's introduce some children's amusement equipment bumper cars suitable for winter operation. The royal carriage is a very good amusement equipment, which many investors may not understand, why is bumper car suitable for winter investment and operation? On the one hand, it is because bumper car equipment is a kind of amusement equipment that children like to play with. Whether it is its shape or playing method, it is very popular with children, on the other hand, the reason is that bumper cars are mainly ice and land, giving children a warm feeling in cold winter. In addition to the bumper car equipment, mini amusement equipment such as tanks and dolphin Beibei cars are also very good. The advantage of these equipment is that children play very safely, therefore, both children and parents like it very much, and small amusement equipment like this not only covers a small area, but also has a low investment cost, which is very suitable for investment and operation in winter, and basically, after the weather gets warmer, the capital can be earned back. This article comes from the 24-hour sales hotline of SKP company's amusement equipment website: 15093186533 generally speaking, winter is not suitable for newly large amusement equipment, because large amusement park equipment is not only expensive to repair, but also difficult to disassemble and assemble, it is very time-consuming and laborious to move, and it cannot be returned in a short period of time, so small and medium-sized amusement park equipment is still the main equipment in winter. Moreover, if you operate an outdoor playground in winter, you need to pay attention to the warmth of the park, so that you can have a good business in the cold winter.
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