Which amusement equipment manufacturer produced the tank bumper car, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-15
Of course, Guangzhou SKP company's amusement equipment manufacturer is the first choice for bumper cars. After several years of hard work and rapid growth, Guangzhou SKP company's amusement products have excellent quality and reasonable price, good reputation has always been welcomed by customers. In recent years, the water walking balls, inflatable swimming pools, water park series, Disney castle, happy Castle, Star Castle, Haile brothers, inflatable blue cat and other trampoline series have become sales hotspots. Inflatable toys have a variety of playing methods, such as touching, climbing, rolling, hitting, climbing, sliding, along, drilling, etc. , so that children can play with it, it has created good Operating income for customers. Sincerely welcome new and old customers to consult, let us work together to develop, mutual benefit, create brilliant tomorrow! We are willing to join hands with you with low price, first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service! Tank bumper car: This product is stepless speed regulation 180 ~ 150 m/min, continuous speed regulation without gear, safe and reliable quality, strict quality inspection of components, multi-color optional, yellow, red, green and blue according to children's love, low investment and quick income, glass fiber reinforced plastic jacket will give better play to the collision ability of bumper cars in the future. This product uses high-quality resin glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, which is harder and more resistant to collision than plastic shell, PU wear-resistant wheels, the wheel adopts PU wear-resistant rubber wheel, which has stronger station capacity, safe emergency stop and large wheel friction. Because it is a parent-child seat, the small motor has limited bearing and poor power, so the default is 250W motor, can load an adult and a child at the same time, the body built-in some children's music, if you need special music, you can freely download it on the Internet, the side wall double rotating lights all surround the lights, the color is more beautiful! Many parents want to cultivate their children's good living habits, but many parents and friends are not very clear about how to cultivate them. Children have sex and play, and blindly preaching will certainly not help. Although the tank bumper car is a toy, it can be fun and entertaining. Let the children grow up happily in the process of playing.
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