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by:SKP     2020-02-06
It is not easy to operate any kind of large-scale amusement equipment. As a qualified amusement equipment operator, you not only need to know when it is the peak season, but also need to master the following common sense:First, essential marketing knowledge.     According to market prediction and investigation, consumer psychology, characteristics and characteristics, pricing and strategy, product sales channels and methods knowledge, marketing management knowledge and other aspects are combined to formulate corresponding activities and related affairs in various aspects.     Second, know your own products.     Such as product features, precautions for use, repair and maintenance methods. We should have a 'more' understanding of the built-in projects, quality identification, etc. In order to facilitate the preparation of different situations in the process of use and operation.     Third, do a good job in product maintenance and repair.     Regularly check the equipment of the machine to ensure that children will not have potential safety hazards in the case of playing, so as to pave the way for the sustainable development of our amusement park.     Fourth, understand some relevant laws and regulations  For example, which children's amusement equipment is not allowed is prohibited by national laws and regulations, and then, in the economic regulations, labor regulations and social security and health, fire and other children's paradise regulations, we must also read relevant information to ensure the safety of children and the safety of amusement places. Of course, there are also many kinds of knowledge learning when the amusement park opens, such as opening requirements, hygiene requirements, fire protection requirements, etc.     The overall structure of the rides should be firm and reliable, and the important parts should be insured. A small accessory plays a very important role in a large amusement project. If the quality of the accessories is unqualified, it will seriously affect the safety of entertainment facilities, which is related to the interests of customers and the safety of tourists, we cannot ignore it.
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