Which manufacturer produces the parent-child tractor and recreational vehicle on the square? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-05
Harmonious double tractor is our factory's new square bumper car, children's amusement battery bumper car, new harmonious small plane bumper car outdoor very popular style, multi-function play, domineering shape, deep children's love, flashing lights with wonderful and cheerful music, spacious double comfortable seats, play more fun and fun. The workmanship is realistic and lovely, and the colors are diversified. The original intention of the double tractor is to do everything for the children. The research and development of the new bumper car is to fully stimulate the children's creativity and hands-on ability, so that children can learn in play, to create a pleasant and relaxed environment for children, the car body is large, the activity space is large, and there is no scene of too fast speed and children falling down, so parents can rest assured! The thickened shell steel plate of tractor 1 is stamped by lathe, and the chassis is thickened with steel pipe, which bears large load, is strong and durable, and has 2 32-piece 32-piece Chaowei battery with a power consumption of 64-inch, long running time 3 front wheel is 6-inch vacuum tire, rear wheel is 7-inch vacuum tire, high strength, wear-resistant shock absorber, suitable for grass, ice, beach, low-lying, such as various roads 4 support multiple simultaneous remote control, colorful lighting, dynamic music, attracting children's attention. Product Highlights 1 speed timing Music, Volume, electricity, etc. at a glance 2 humanized double steering wheel parent-child design, interactive entertainment 3 front side buckle, easy to take and place battery 4 integrated safety belt to protect user safety
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