Why are bumper cars sought after? Should investment in bumper cars be done? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-08
More and more people like to play bumper cars, because bumper cars can make passengers experience endless driving fun, and can also bring unexpected collision stimulation. Almost every amusement park has the bumper car entertainment project. Passengers love to play, investors also value this market, and they have invested in it. So for some people who first come into contact with bumper cars, what should they do when buying bumper cars? What are the precautions when investing? First of all, for investors, when purchasing bumper cars, they must locate which product to choose. Now there are three popular bumper cars on the market: battery bumper cars, Skynet bumper cars and ground Net bumper cars, tiandi network bumper car needs a specific site, and the upfront cost is very large. The cost of the car plus the interior decoration and wiring is about 100,000, but the battery bumper car is different, the investment cost is very low. There is no need for a specific site. As long as it is on a flat ground, it can be driven. The cheapest one is only over one thousand, and the more expensive one is 2000 or 3000. You can order 6 sets at a time, in the case of tens of thousands of dollars, the investment cost is very low and the return is high. In addition, when investing in bumper cars, you should also put them according to your own site conditions. If you want to do it indoors and the site is relatively large, you can choose to put them into Tiandi net bumper cars and invest in the early stage, I don't know if the traffic in the venue is not large, and the business is good. At the beginning, you can choose short-term leasing. After a period of operation, the money is also earned. I found that the traffic in this venue is still quite large, the market has a wide prospect, so it can be converted from short-term lease to long-term lease. If it is operated outdoors, it will invest in battery bumper cars and open-air operation with low investment cost, however, if you operate outdoors, you will inevitably be affected by the weather and climate. Secondly, when purchasing a bumper car to operate, you must combine your own financial situation. If you have less money, it is recommended to invest in battery bumper cars without taking any risks, if you run a bumper car in Tiandi network, you will have to bear certain risks due to the high investment expenses. If the business is not good and there is no passenger flow, you will have invested so much, when it will be a headache and worry, but also need to have a certain business experience, do not blindly follow the trend, must choose the bumper car suitable for their own business according to their actual situation. As a professional manufacturer in the bumper car industry, I still have to remind all amusement industry operators, especially investors who come into contact with bumper cars for the first time, not to blindly follow suit and see which kind of bumper cars others invest to make money, I will follow others to buy exactly the same, and I will choose a unique bumper car according to my actual situation. I will innovate in both shape, configuration and playing methods, especially in the case of one or two competitors in the same venue, the products you buy cannot be exactly the same as others. Otherwise, you can only fight price wars and make money by price wars, there is not much profit to make. We must learn to innovate and put in something different from others. It is unique and unique to attract customers' interest in playing and attract more popularity, the economic benefits will get better and better. At the same time, in the process of operation, we should constantly explore some practical experience and eliminate some bad strategies. In short, whether it is card handling or promotion, the purpose is to continuously improve performance.
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