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by:SKP     2020-03-08
http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2019/xkylc_1105/999. Why is html small amusement equipment so popular? There are all kinds of novel and educational children's amusement equipment in the children's amusement park. Children often play in it, can exercise reaction ability, thinking ability, hands-on ability, improve intelligence and learning ability, after exercise children can benefit physical and mental health, will be smarter. Therefore, the demand for children's amusement equipment in the market will become larger and larger, and more and more people are aiming at this market. So, why is it worth investing in the children's amusement equipment market? There are two reasons.     First, from the analysis of market customer demand, the majority of consumers in the amusement equipment industry in the market are children. Among these people, large children's amusement equipment can bring them excitement and fun, and can be accepted by them, because large amusement equipment is more exciting to play, however, many children still cannot accept the height and running speed of this kind of amusement equipment, and small amusement equipment cannot bring exciting fun to slightly larger small basin friends. Therefore, at present, large children's amusement equipment just makes up for this defect.     Second, from the perspective of investment cost, the production cost of large amusement equipment is relatively high, and the occupied area is also relatively large, so the investment cost is naturally high, while the production cost of large amusement equipment for children is moderate, because of the small area, the investment cost is naturally not too high. Therefore, no matter in terms of product investment or site rental investment, the large-scale children's amusement equipment is more suitable for the needs of the industry development at this stage, the increase of its market share and demand rate will surely become the development trend of amusement equipment industry at this stage. The Australian Dragon bumper car of Guangzhou SKP company, a new product launched at the end of 2019, is not large and is especially suitable for children to play. Australian Monitor lizard Big lizard patented product New Product Launch parameter configuration: Size: 140*70*145 Weight: 150 load: 350 motor: Watt brushless motor controller: generation intelligent controller brake: electronic brake start: no delay, soft start battery: 32A * 2 and 45a * 2 (Chaowei) Shell: Engineering Integrated molding luminous shell lights: full car colorful light color: Red Yellow Blue Green zhong
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