Why are there so many children on the inflatable castle in the cold winter, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-08
Winter has arrived, the cold North has already ushered in the first snow, and the relatively warm south temperature has dropped to only a few degrees. However, in the face of winter rain and snow, the children seem to be more excited. The cold in winter seems to be less frozen under the enthusiasm of the children. Children can be seen everywhere on the inflatable castles in the squares and parks. They are all in full swing, in sharp contrast to this cold winter. There are only two months left before the Spring Festival in 2019. It seems that this is the reason. The number of businesses operating outdoor inflatable castles has begun to increase. Everyone is as good as discussed, I want to make a fortune during the Spring Festival holiday. Indeed, the Spring Festival is indeed a good time to run inflatable castles. As a large inflatable product, the inflatable castle is integrated with a variety of popular elements in today's society, such as anime, cartoon, animal and other shapes. The color is bright and attractive, and it is extremely attractive for children. Where to put such an inflatable castle, where the popularity will surely explode. Therefore, for the upcoming new year, many merchants and supermarkets have also placed such a product in order to attract customers for activities, bringing huge traffic to the event.
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