why is it important to keep a preschool ground safe

by:SKP     2019-09-23
The kindergarten playground is a place for children to have fun after spending a few hours indoors.Although this is when they can play, no one can rule that the accident will happen.It is easy for children to fall, stumble and slip, which can lead to injuries.
Nowadays, kindergartens are becoming more and more friendly and safe.They installed the playground safety surface, reducing the number of children injured when they fell.What is the safety surface treatment required by law?There is no law on how safe a kindergarten playground should be.
However, it is strongly recommended to provide a safe surface for schools.There are organizations that push the safety surface both in kindergartens and in general schools.1.Wet rubber is one of the safest playground rubber surfaces in kindergarten.
It contains ethylene-propylene rubber particles mixed with special adhesives.It is pressed flat on concrete or stone floors.It is perfect for kids as it has different colors including blue, red, green, purple, yellow and pink.
You can also add graphic inserts on the surface to add fun to your child\'s play area.2.The rubber cover is made of bonded bark and absorbs impact when falling.It provides a safe surface in the area where there are components for preschool playground equipment.
It is ideal in places where it is likely to get wet and muddy most of the time.While protecting children\'s safety, rubber covers bring a natural look to the playground.3.Artificial grass makes the surface of your kindergarten playground look natural.
To make the surface safer, pads can also be included.They are installed under the grass, so while it looks like a natural grass, below the grass is a device to reduce impact, which can improve the safety of children when they play at school.They have different heights and quality and choose the space that suits you.
In conclusion, when choosing a safe ground for your playground area, consider the type of equipment you want to use.The weather is also a big determinant as some surfaces may not be very good in wet areas.Also, if you want a natural look, you can use a wet shower because it looks artificial, even though it is beautiful.

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