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by:SKP     2020-01-27
Our country has a vast territory, which results in a huge difference in climate between the north and the South. In the north, there is a world of ice and snow in winter, and the climate is cold, resulting in a shortage of leisure and entertainment resources, which cannot meet the spiritual needs of the broad masses of the people for leisure and relaxation, therefore, the ice and snow paradise with the theme of ice and snow came into being. In the ice and snow paradise, the game experience of bumper cars on ice is the best. The field of bumper cars on ice has become the place with the most laughter in the ice and snow paradise, then why are bumper cars on ice so popular? Let's analyze the highlights of this ice and snow paradise equipment. The advantages of ice bumper car equipment: 1. Strong sense of game experience: Compared with traditional bumper cars, ice bumper cars are more entertaining. Traditional bumper cars have rough ground and large friction force. When vehicles collide, under the influence of acting force and reaction force, the displacement generated by the vehicle is small, and the game is not irritating, while the bumper car on the ice is used on the ice surface, and the friction force on the site is very small, when the car body collides, under the action of impact force and rebound force, the car will have a relatively large displacement, accompanied by the effects of steering and rotation, which greatly enhances the thrill and irritation of the game, moreover, it will also collide with other ice bumper cars in a large displacement, causing a chain reaction, making the game more confrontational and interactive, and it is easy to bring all the tourists in the venue into the game, so as to carry out a full-scale match and jointly create and enjoy joy. 2, the driving method is simple: the traditional ski resort equipment should have some professional skills, need to practice before use, such as snowboards, beginners are not easy to master, it also consumes a lot of physical strength during use, and it is difficult to play for a long time. However, the driving method of bumper cars on ice is simple and easy to learn. As long as you remember the positions of several switches, you can drive freely. Both adults and children can adapt quickly and put into games quickly; 3, high safety: the periphery of the bumper car on the ice is an inflatable buffer airbag, which can effectively eliminate the impact force, even if the impact is released, a large displacement is generated, it will not let the rider have the discomfort of inertia and weightlessness, and there will be no accidents such as rollover, so the safety factor is very high and can be used with confidence; 4. Strong endurance: the bumper car on the ICE uses the battery as the driving force, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. It will not have safety hazards such as excessive exhaust gas due to the large number of games. The battery life is super strong, don't worry about affecting normal business due to power outages; 5. Beautiful appearance: bumper cars on ice have various shapes and brilliant colors. With LED decorative lights, the equipment can attract tourists' attention and stimulate consumption; 6. Convenient management: adding timing control module to ice bumper cars makes it easier for operators to manage. According to statistics, in a business season of the ice and snow paradise, the profit income of ice bumper cars reached 30% of the total income- In 40%, in the consumer's vote for many devices, the ice bumper car topped the list and became the consumer's favorite ice and snow paradise equipment, natural ice bumper cars have become an indispensable part of the ice and snow park.
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