Your choice determines whether the business of running inflatable castles is fire or cold, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-25
In winter, due to the weather, the types of amusement equipment that can be operated are reduced, and the consultation of children's inflatable trampoline has been constant, because it can be operated all the year round, and the competition in winter is much smaller, coupled with the concentration of holidays and festivals, business is very hot. However, if you go to the nearby square for a while, you will find that some trampoline businesses are very hot, many children are playing, and some are relatively deserted. What is the reason? I believe that many operators pay attention to the price of inflatable castles when buying them. Cheap products are easy to attract buyers, everyone often wants to buy better quality products at a lower price, so that the initial investment is less. The idea is right, but the buyer is easy to ignore a problem, the cost of the manufacturer is there, what is the chance of selling high-quality products cheaply? If problems such as air leakage often occur due to quality problems, the soft trampoline will make the children lose interest in playing, and parents will not dare to let the children go to play. Inflatable trampoline is not a new product in terms of type, but a device that has been active in the amusement industry for many years. For large toys that everyone is already familiar with, they want to be attractive, that is by style and gameplay. The inflatable trampoline of the Guangzhou SKP company is colorful and visually attractive. It is not limited to a simple trampoline in terms of gameplay. It is also designed with slides and small rock climbing, it is equivalent to operating inflatable castles, inflatable slides and inflatable rock climbing at the same time. For children, it also increases the fun of playing.
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