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by:SKP     2020-02-13
Why are new amusement equipment highly respected in recent years? I have to say that everyone has aesthetic fatigue. It is not realistic to rely on traditional amusement projects to make their amusement parks profitable for a long time, in this process, we need to constantly update our business philosophy and equipment. From the current environment of the amusement industry, new amusement projects are easier to open the market to attract tourists, and the upfront cost of new projects is often relatively high, how can we make it more valuable? Here is the maintenance and maintenance work we want to talk about. For operators, the purpose of choosing new amusement equipment is naturally to obtain profits, while for new projects that are not available soon, its quality and internal quality cannot be judged by naked eyes, therefore, it is undoubtedly more secure to find professional manufacturers to cooperate at this time. In a word, it is the qualification of manufacturers that determines the professionalism of later maintenance. Secondly, customers must understand that the service life and maintenance life of equipment should be distinguished. Generally speaking, different manufacturers will have different requirements, then for the new type of amusement equipment, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer according to different years. In addition, during the maintenance of the equipment, more attention should be paid to the actual situation of the easily worn parts to fundamentally avoid the occurrence of danger. In addition, for investors, subcontracting or subcontracting is not allowed in the later maintenance process of the equipment, which is easy to cause problems to be dealt with because there is no vital interest, once there is a security problem, it is a big deal. Why do major manufacturers place great emphasis on the knowledge and skills training of staff? In fact, for the new amusement equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to every link in the operation, so in the process of equipment operation, it is necessary to record the maintenance data of all people, in the important link, it must be implemented to the individual, and the division of responsibility system can make the work more efficient. All in all, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is to extend the service life and achieve the purpose of helping the operators to make profits. For customers, don't think twice and carefully. After selecting the equipment, they will only operate it. It is necessary to know that the equipment also needs rest like people. In this process, it is also very learned.
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