Our main products are: indoor playground equipment, trampoline park equipment, climbing equipment, kids slide, fitness equipment, kids toys, kindergarten furniture, water park equipment.

The product conforms to the international material safety appraisal standard, conforms to the children healthy growth demand, guarantees the product safety environmental

protection.Independenter & d production, eliminating intermediate link profit, to the greatest extent to the partners to obtain greater profits.Products can be designed

according to the site, reasonable planning of the playground, increase the revenue of the playground.


Since the company was founded we have always pursued quality first, customer first, abide by the contract, Honest service customer-centric concept.We aim for first-class quality and service and 100% satisfaction.

With excellent quality, cost-effective value to thank customers for our consistent support and love.From site selection, training, promotion to opening, event planning and other aspects,

the company has close-fitting services.Ensure investment in low risk operations.And a professional after-sales team, quickly deal with after-sales problems.Small investment, big return.One-time investment, multiple profits, sitting to enjoy the wealth of new business opportunities


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