Our main products are: indoor playground equipment, trampoline park equipment, climbing equipment, kids slide, fitness equipment, kids toys, kindergarten furniture, water park equipment.

The product conforms to the international material safety appraisal standard, conforms to the children healthy growth demand, guarantees the product safety environmental

protection.Independenter & d production, eliminating intermediate link profit, to the greatest extent to the partners to obtain greater profits.Products can be designed

according to the site, reasonable planning of the playground, increase the revenue of the playground.


Since the company was founded we have always pursued quality first, customer first, abide by the contract, Honest service customer-centric concept.We aim for first-class quality and service and 100% satisfaction.

With excellent quality, cost-effective value to thank customers for our consistent support and love.From site selection, training, promotion to opening, event planning and other aspects,

the company has close-fitting services.Ensure investment in low risk operations.And a professional after-sales team, quickly deal with after-sales problems.Small investment, big return.One-time investment, multiple profits, sitting to enjoy the wealth of new business opportunities

Smart kids playgrounds

provide one-stop purchasing service for customers

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Guangzhou smart sports equipment Co., Ltd is engaged in amusement equipment R&D, production and sales of one of the enterprises. Since the company was founded we have always pursued quality first, customer first, abide by the contract, Honest service customer-centric concept.


Company specializing in the production of indoor and outdoor combination of toys, naughty fort, physical training, child development equipment, kids wooden furniture, products not only throughout the country, but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and more than 70 countries and regions. “Innovation, new technology into productive forces” is the core competitiveness with music.By virtue of the products and to teach a deep understanding of the toy market. “meadows music” the kids interest and a combination of physical, generals first in the same industry product concept and rich experience in product development combined, for children provide happy, safe, good products, help the customer to realize the low cost, low risk, fast start, high efficiency goals.


Quality of products through the certification authority, all indicators have reached national standards and industry standards, is the most influential recreation manufacturing companies...


Industry-leading technology, unique creative design, hundreds of novel equipment, leading the industry's product development.Global children's educational entertainment leading brands have the most investment prospects

and profitability of children's educational entertainment projects.Advanced brand operation concept, mature market operation mode, to ensure that investors achieve objective success.

Our products are rich and diverse, and have been completed for many large shopping malls, communities, kindergartens and other projects.

Products are also exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and more than 70 countries and regions.Get the unanimous affirmation of the customer.

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If you need, please contact me We will serve you the best products with the favorite prices


Target market for children's park market, the wealth of the vast, guaranteed to make you satisfied.In order to seize the opportunity to invest, get a higher return, we need to understand the industry in real time. To make continuous progress, we need to actively participate in the exhibition, with the peer point communication.Company staff actively participate in the exhibition, understand the development of the industry.Service every customer carefully, to meet the requirements of customers.The company usually organizes employees to play together to enliven the atmosphere of the company and make employees enthusiastic about going to work every day.


We will serve you the best products with the favorite prices

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