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by:SKP     2020-02-25
Product description name: dinosaur slide brand: SKP company children's water park amusement equipment specifications: size can be customized material: First Class thick environmental protection clip net pvc material life: 120 thousand person-times or 3 -? 5-year warranty period: life-long accessories: Air model fan, special glue, maintenance materials, etc. Guangzhou SKP company amusement is a large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales, specializing in the production and supply of large mobile inflatable water park, children's water park, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable water slide, outdoor children's inflatable castle, trampoline, big slide, naughty Castle and other children's park facilities and equipment, 24-hour national unified service hotline: 15515239618, waiting for your inquiry! Product advantages: 1. Quality: inflatable slide interesting equipment is made of first-class environmentally friendly pvc material, which is pollution-free, non-irritating, harmless to human body and does not cause allergic reaction, inflatable water slides are fun, thrilling and safe, and are loved by children. It has outstanding advantages such as safety, convenience and quickness, and is an essential leisure and interesting inflatable slide amusement equipment. 2. PRICE: not only provide customers with high-quality products that meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also the factory really aims at small profits but quick turnover and establishing good customer relations, and customizes products at the lowest cost, let customers feel the real price advantage! 3, Construction period: strictly abide by the credibility, would rather work overtime and raise wages without delaying the delivery date of customers! Practice has proved that we have the ability to ensure the most competitive and executable delivery time! And all the year round, there are stocks to ensure supply! 4. Service: from the rendering of the product to the production, there are special personnel to follow up with the customer, and the production progress is truly mastered by the customer in real time. You can also check the production process on the spot so that customers have no worries. 5. Innovation: keep pace with the times and lead the trend. You don't have me, you have me!
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