Foreign bodies found in amusement equipment should be cleaned up immediately, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-13
Investing in the business of amusement equipment does not mean that costs can be restored in one day, but it can also create stable and lasting income. Therefore, it is very necessary for indoor amusement equipment to adopt membership system and promotion activities at the stage. As the saying goes, 'All knowledge is learned everywhere', not in the initial planning and operation. Adjustments should be made based on market feedback. Good health maintenance is a basic aspect. Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning of indoor amusement equipment is a very important aspect. There are many children playing every day, so the operator should pay special attention to hygiene and cleaning, keep the surface of the equipment clean, clean up the foreign matter immediately, and the indoor amusement equipment is clean and tidy. Parents are willing to take the children to play. The second is to pay attention to the overhaul of safety components. For parents, safety is the basic red line for children on the playground. They cannot even ensure safety. Therefore, when investing in indoor amusement equipment parks, they should check and test the details of shafts, welding, wires, safety belts, etc. according to the instructions of the manufacturer, and strengthen the training of employees to ensure the safety of children. Amusement Equipment Machinery, machinery can meet the feelings of different people's facial features, there are many kinds of mechanical amusement facilities, the working principle of each facility is different, giving people different feelings. In the mechanical amusement facilities, the more popular is the automatic control aircraft, the horse, the sea, the bumper car.
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