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by:SKP     2020-01-26
In the naughty castle children's paradise, the building block pool, sand pool and ball pool are essential and important components, which have good effect charm. Building block toys have great effects on children's intellectual development, and are also a way to promote children's hand-eye harmony. Building block toys have many ways to play, and can be placed, joined, and annular, symmetrical styles are helpful to children's intelligence. When playing building block toys, it is important for children to start to participate in placement, symmetry and other issues. Classified building blocks are one of the most frequently played and favorite toys for babies. There are many kinds of them and the playing methods are various. A good building block can give full play to the baby's educational potential. A few blocks are arbitrarily mixed, and a few new shapes are formed. For example, two cubes can be combined into a cuboid; Two isosceles triangles can be combined into a cube, etc. Building blocks can exercise the harmonious ability of children's hands and feet and promote brain development. According to types, it can be divided into: animals, houses, languages, fruits, transportation, numbers, etc. Children's paradise market with unlimited potential
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