How should children pay attention to safety when playing amusement equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-07
What safety should be paid attention to for large children's amusement equipment at present, there are more and more large children's amusement equipment. Different amusement equipment has different playing methods, but attention must be paid to safety while playing amusement equipment, parents are most worried about the safety of children. What safety issues do large children's play equipment need to pay attention? The following are the safety problems brought by SKP company's children's bumper car manufacturers to everyone.   1. On large amusement equipment where children play, it is absolutely not allowed to leak sharp parts to avoid scratching children.     2. When designing and producing the equipment, the part that will clamp the children's hands, feet, body and first-class parts should be eliminated.   3. Equipment materials should be made of nontoxic and environment-friendly high-quality materials to ensure children's health.     4, large amusement equipment gap is too large part must be set up protective fence, to avoid children accidentally fall.     5. When operating large-scale children's play equipment, it is best to put a safety mat on the ground. In case the child or accompanying parents fall, the cushion can be used to reduce the cushioning force and reduce the injury.
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