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by:SKP     2020-03-12
Now with the continuous development and growth of the amusement industry, the manufacturers of amusement equipment are also dazzling, and there are many manufacturers. How to find a good manufacturer of children's amusement equipment? A good amusement equipment manufacturer not only guarantees the quality of the products, but also has a novel design and a good after-sales service. Generally, as long as the customer provides the size chart of the site, the manufacturer will give a reasonable site planning and design plan, and then carry out the production fort according to the design plan. So how to choose children's amusement equipment manufacturers? The first point: to see if it is an agent, the general agent price is relatively high, the source manufacturer price is generally ex-factory price, this most people are more aware. The second point: whether the various business licenses of children's amusement equipment manufacturers are complete. The third point: the reputation of amusement equipment manufacturers in the industry. The fourth point: production research and development capability, conduct on-the-spot investigation to see if there is its own production workshop and design research and development team. The fifth point: whether the after-sales service is in place in time, the accessories of many amusement equipment are seriously worn. If there is damage, can the manufacturer replace it in time? If it cannot be replaced in time, it will affect the operation of the children's paradise, both direct and indirect economic losses will be serious. Grasp the above points and believe that many investors can find ideal manufacturers of children's amusement equipment. Guangzhou SKP company has been operating amusement equipment manufacturers for more than ten years. Based on the principle of quality and survival, it has been serving every customer. Owners who need amusement equipment are welcome to visit and guide the factory.
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