How to make rational use of space to manage children's amusement equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-12
Children's amusement equipment is a kind of amusement facility. It mainly refers to naughty castle facilities, manual equipment, inflation equipment and mechanical equipment provided for children in parks, markets, playgrounds, kindergartens, campuses and most public places. Children's amusement equipment is usually found in shopping malls, markets, public places and other entertainment places. The main target audience is children. Children can enjoy the joy of childhood while exercising, which plays a double beneficial role. Features of children's amusement equipment: Structural Motion characteristics: the above improvements include unrestricted amusement equipment, mainly in the forms of rotation, rolling, air cushion, etc. Because for 0- The security of 6-year-old children is relatively small and set indoors, and through some creative games and clever use of sound, light, air, water, the combination of colors to achieve the purpose of entertaining early education training children. Children's amusement facilities should make reasonable use of space, place and play amusement facilities from the following points: 1. In the children's amusement park, each kind of equipment has its uniqueness and advantages. When placed, it should be combined with each other, and the appearance and function should be well arranged and interesting. 2. There must be enough space between the amusement equipment and the equipment to allow the player to have enough space to play and prevent collision or collision when playing. 3. Popular Popular Equipment new entertainment equipment should be placed at the entrance of the playground or the Golden position of the cashier. Universal devices can be placed in designated areas. After a period of operation, the equipment is placed. Make adjustments. 4. According to the income of amusement equipment, in the amusement park, it is necessary to exchange features and related features and improve the profitability of the equipment and the whole amusement park. This can promote the popularity of other devices through popular devices.
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