Investing in children's parks, how to effectively control costs, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-23
It is very important to invest in children's parks and control operating costs. So, how to effectively control costs in investing in indoor children's parks? What should I pay attention to after the opening of the park? First, what is the cost of the park. The cost of large, medium and small parks has two important components, one is the development cost before the opening of the park, and the other is the operating cost after the opening of the park. Among them, the development cost includes the following items: project cost, start-up cost, marketing cost, reserve cost, etc. Usually, the project cost accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 70%-80%. Operating costs include the following items: operating costs, management fees, marketing fees, financial expenses, business taxes and surcharges, of which management fees account for the largest proportion, reaching 50%-60%. Second, how to effectively control the development cost of the park? Comprehensive and accurate market analysis can reduce investment risks: at present, many children's parks are pursuing a big character when developing and constructing parks, with a large area and a large scale of investment; There is nothing wrong with high-end atmospheric fashion, but if it blindly follows the trend, the final result will be to aggravate the problem of homogenization. Without effective market support, there will be scale but no benefit, which will not only cause waste of resources, but also bring about an increase in later operating costs.
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