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by:SKP     2020-02-15
Inflatable battery car is a very popular Square amusement equipment in the square. Inflatable battery car is divided into: single inflatable battery car, double inflatable battery car, music, lighting, timing, cute shape, the shape of the protagonist of the most popular cartoon at the time, attracted the attention of many friends in the square, the inflatable battery car is made of thick plastic Engineering, music can be freely exchanged. The inflatable battery car is operated as a steering wheel. It is easy to understand and requires no teaching. The operation and management of the inflatable battery car is very convenient. Only one site is needed and several cars can be operated. The charging standard for inflatable battery cars is 10 minutes each time, 10 yuan/time, each car is operated 20 times a day, and one inflatable battery car is operated, the monthly income is 10 yuan/time * 20 times/day * 30 days = six thousand yuan/month, then it is calculated according to the annual operation for 8 months, the total income for one year is six thousand yuan/month * 8 months = 40,008 yuan. The operation of holidays and weekends is even more popular, and the economic benefits are very high. Operating inflatable battery cars is a cash business, no debts, no storefronts, no decoration, open-air venues, low rents, unique business, no competition. It can be proved that investing in inflatable battery cars is much better than working outside. For many years, the company has been adhering to the tenet of 'employing talents, serving customers and achieving enterprises, adhere to the management policy of 'market-oriented, innovation-driven, quality-oriented, service-supported, honesty-based, market-oriented, and international-oriented. The company's main products are inflatable trampoline for children's toy cars, now the company has launched inflatable battery car, drift bumper car, flying butterfly bumper car, robot pedal car, plush animal car, robot King Kong man, inflatable trampoline, rotating aircraft, steel frame bungee, fun system, etc; 12 years of focus on toy production and research, good quality, good quality, good service. You make the right choice to give your child a happy childhood; Quality assurance: strictly control production, ensure that every product is safe and reliable, let the children have fun, parents rest assured, you make money without worry; Innovation guarantee: continuous research and development of new technologies and new products, follow the trend, update and replace quickly, can ensure that you stand out from many amusement manufacturers, let your equipment attract more children and parents; The quality and appearance have reached the international level. The products are exported to many regions all over the country and have been recognized and affirmed by many customers. Are you excited about our products? Have you taken a fancy to our product? It is better to take action than to pick up your phone and order it. Wobeqi Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is looking forward to your joining. Choosing wobechi amusement equipment can definitely take you to the road of getting rich.
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