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by:SKP     2020-02-06
There is a saying that I believe you must have heard: the wine is not afraid of the deep alley, which means that if your things are good, even if the location is very remote, your business will be very good. Is this sentence still suitable for the amusement equipment industry? The answer is no, because everyone's amusement equipment is similar. Apart from the hard factors such as equipment and venue, the quality of marketing strategy also plays a decisive role. Haibei amusement has summarized five marketing strategies for you. Let's have a look. First, publicity is essential in the marketing of children's amusement square. The investment in advertising is relatively large. The effect of sending leaflets along the street and posting microblogs on the Internet will not be immediate, therefore, choosing innovative and creative publicity methods can attract people's attention. Suggestion: issue balloons. First, children like balloons. Second, the cost is low and easy to operate. The information of the name and address of the playground is printed on the balloon and sent to the children in the bustling commercial area, which can receive good results. In addition, set up a sign in a prominent position to guide customers to the playground. Second, after the opening of the children's amusement equipment square for a period of time, it is necessary to stimulate the consumption enthusiasm of children and parents through certain activities. Suggestion: some educational or parent-child activities can be held on weekends or various festivals, so that parents can change the concept of 'coming to the playground is to play; Second, it can enhance the feelings of parents and children, making the playground a place for parents to enjoy the family. Third, the promotion can gather popularity and bring considerable income to the playground. Suggestion: at the beginning of the opening, a certain free area can be set up, and children will be interested after playing in the free area, thus promoting the consumption of other facilities; You can also take the package ticket, monthly ticket and other preferential methods to promote, and guide them to consume again; You can also set up group discounts, such as single 10 yuan, two people 15 yuan, etc. , with the slogan 'Bring your partner, play together '. Fourth, the decision of children's consumption is in the parents, the playground must not only win the children's love, but also get the recognition of parents. Suggestion: parents and children will be thirsty when they are playing. They can set up a rest area, provide drinks, snacks, and sell children's toys, which can promote consumption and create greater profits. 5. To operate a children's amusement plaza, we must first ensure the safety of the amusement plaza, so that parents can safely take their children to consume. Suggestion: regular maintenance is a must. In addition, people with early childhood education experience can be employed as staff members, which can not only create a good amusement atmosphere, but also have benign interaction with children, let children fall in love with your amusement square. Guangzhou Haibei amusement equipment sincerely treats every new and old customer with humanized service and high quality. Our company has many small amusement facilities, simple carousel, luxury rotating horse, steel frame Bungee Bed, inflatable battery car, children's bumper car, track train, electric animal car, plush battery car and other amusement items.
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