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by:SKP     2020-01-20
The disinfection method of naughty Castle equipment, as a naughty Castle equipment manufacturer, must pay attention to the sanitation and disinfection work of indoor naughty Castle equipment. On the one hand, it should do a good job in the sanitation of indoor naughty Castle, on the other hand, it can enable more parents to bring their children to play. There is no special rule to supervise the indoor naughty Castle. How long will it take to disinfect the indoor naughty Castle in detail? No one can tell for sure. The relevant health treatment rules and regulations, kindergarten toys must be disinfected once a week, however, there is no special health rule for children's amusement equipment, and businesses can only take charge of this time. Before playing in the naughty Castle, the protection preparation work should be carried out. The disinfection of children's toys with differences should be carried out in different ways, while the indoor naughty Castle is also organized by raw materials with various materials, like organizing slides, children's small trains, children's tables and chairs, water parks, etc. , there are plastic, iron, and cloth, now the manufacturers explain to the public some simple and useful indoor naughty Fort disinfection methods. Plastic toys are disinfected. After being diluted and soaked with pancreatic seed water, sterilized washing powder, bleaching powder, etc. , they are cleaned with clean water, dried or dried with cleaning cloth. Cloth toys are disinfected, washed with pancreatic water, or placed in the sun. Moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, non-decolorizing wooden toys are disinfected and dried with pancreatic water. Iron toys are disinfected and exposed to sunlight for more than 6 hours, which has bactericidal effect. In addition, playground activity rooms, land, walls, etc. can be disinfected with ultraviolet mapping every day, and ultraviolet mapping uses ultraviolet lamps. The room should be ventilated regularly and disinfected once a week with peracetic acid spray. Toilets, toilets, etc. are sprayed regularly with 3% Lysol.
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