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by:SKP     2020-02-18
Performance Introduction 1. The single inflatable battery car uses a 12 v dc geared motor, and the single car is equipped with a 12 V/36A high-efficiency energy-saving battery, length 1200 width 650 height 600mm2, double inflatable battery car uses 24 v dc geared motor, double car is equipped with 12 V/36A high-efficiency energy-saving battery, length 1200 width 950 height 750; 3, and with fast and slow gear, reversing (With a reversing tone), Speakers and other functions. 4, intelligent controller, can be timing, speed control, music, digital display and other functions; 5. The tire is a high-efficiency wear-resistant pneumatic tire; The chassis is a national standard steel frame structure; 6. The jacket is made of PVC thickened Oxford bright cloth, which is wear-resistant, bright, beautiful, easy to clean and colorfast; And equipped with double blowers. Product features 1. Plastic injection molding, environmentally friendly and durable, recycling; 2. The shell is thick, the shape is realistic, and the color is bright; 3. The chassis is strong, the installation is standardized, and the standard is adjusted; 4. Orderly wiring, reasonable arrangement and proper installation; 5. Multi-layer packaging, strong binding and safe transportation; 6. Stable operation, durability and low price. Plastic workers 1, the production process is exquisite and excellent. 2, plastic paint is exquisite, using high-grade paint, its wear resistance, high brightness, far better than ordinary paint, bright colors, bright, exposure will not change color. 3. The shell is made of plastic rubber coat technology and imported platinum cloth with high-grade raw materials, which is not easy to crack, rot and has long service life. 4, Seiko molding, beautiful appearance, the overall appearance is exquisite, elegant, cartoon. Technical parameters 1, real person singing music, high-pitched true sound horn,, 2, weight: 220 or so load: 3, customers can freely Time: 1-15 minutes. 4, Oxford Film cloth thickened cover, with backward forward switch inflatable battery car basic configuration motor power: 250W (Belt Drive) Appearance size: single person: length 120, width 120, height 150 double person: length, width, height self weight: maximum load: driving speed: 70- 140 m/min battery model: 12v36ah×2 (Liquid storage battery)12V20AH × 2 (Dry battery)Free selection of timing range: 1- 10 minutes continuous driving time: 4 hours or so music player: built-in Music 6 songs MP3 (The card can be used directly)Starting mode: Remote Control (Optional)There are two ways to start the key. Performance: The car is easy to operate, can move forward and backward, and can turn left and right flexibly. The speed of the car with stepless speed change can be adjusted at will, with music and colored lights, and remote control options.
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