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by:SKP     2020-03-08
In recent years, the children's economy has played a major role in the complex of major shopping malls. The parent-child consumption projects driven by children's playgrounds are endless and expensive. Parents with smaller children generally report that it is difficult to bypass various amusement facilities when taking their children to the shopping mall. In order to avoid crying, they have to spend more money every time. It's very rare to spend hundreds of money inside and outside the shopping mall. Ms. Zhang, a tourist, 'complained' to the playground operator that 'taking children to the shopping mall can be described as a lot of temptations and obstacles along the way, it's just not moving. '. Ms. Zhang's daughter is now three and a half years old, and it is the age at which she feels new to everything. Last weekend, Ms. Zhang and her daughter agreed to take her to the 'happy gathering' run by Mr. Wang. Ms. Zhang has long recharged the card from there, there are sand pools, slides, Carousel, various bumper cars and other amusement facilities, and children also like to go. However, as soon as she walked outside the north gate of the shopping center, her daughter was attracted by the newly added small trains and other facilities, crying and having to play. After spending 40 yuan to play two, entering the shopping center, the daughter was attracted by the newly added ocean ball pool in the middle hall on the first floor, and spent 20 yuan playing for a few minutes. Before arriving at the destination on the third floor, 60 yuan's money has disappeared. Compared with the amusement facilities in the shopping mall, some tourists feel that outdoor amusement equipment is easier to attract children. 'When I take them out to the mall to buy clothes, I will deliberately avoid those stores. Anyway, the children don't remember the road, as long as they can't see it. But the outdoor playgrounds are built on the road that must be passed, and they are seen when they are not paying attention. 'Mr. Li said that children play for 20 or 30 minutes, and they can't sit down enough. Spending money is secondary, mainly because sometimes things are delayed. Sometimes when the store sees the parents with children passing by, they will take the initiative to turn on the sound or say hello to attract the children. In this case, it is also powerless and can only 'surrender and surrender '. 'At ordinary times, there is a large flow of people on weekends. At least 100 people can be received a day. There are fewer working days. It also depends on the weather. If it is windy and rainy, it cannot be done. Mr. Wang said that the overall prospects of this line are not bad. A rough calculation shows that an amusement park charges at least once in 10 yuan. If the monthly income of such an outdoor amusement park is enough to exceed 100 yuan according to the reception of customers on weekends and 50 at ordinary times, even the annual rent. Fulong amusement provides one-stop service including venue planning to provide better guarantee for your daily operation.
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