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by:SKP     2020-01-30
Inflatable Castle is a very popular children's amusement project now. It has beautiful appearance and various playing methods. There are also many children who like to play. People who do children's amusement equipment business are more willing to invest in this project, but many people think that the inflatable castle is relatively heavy, and it is very troublesome to put it away. The two people can't pull it, and it is more difficult to install it on the car. This problem should be considered when operating inflatable castles. The weight of inflatable castles can be estimated according to the specifications of products and the complexity of internal modeling. Generally, a simple castle without a slide weighs about 3 per square meter. About, with a slide more complex weight per square in 4-4. About 5 kilograms. Therefore, a 60-square inflatable castle can weigh about 200 kilograms, and a 120-square inflatable castle weighs more than 500 kilograms, which is very heavy. In the process of operation, the inflatable castle needs to be packaged and loaded. Therefore, packaging is also a technical activity, and it is even more laborious. Is there any good way to make the inflatable castle better packed and better loaded? Now we are launching a Packer to solve the problem of Castle packing in Haibei Amusement Co. , Ltd! Customers who want to know about video can add a small version of WeChat or call me 18937803869
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