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by:SKP     2020-02-11
    When designing products, amusement equipment manufacturers have carefully considered many aspects of the products. Especially in terms of safety, there are many requirements, which are also to ensure the safety of passengers.     Design requirements for amusement park equipment products:  Can hold the child's hands, feet, arms, legs and other parts, must be eliminated. Swing machines, bumper cars, etc. must consider the buffering performance of amusement equipment.     Metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed parts, such as screws. If the child's clothes are caught, it will cause harm to the child. The exposed part can be covered. When selecting materials, please use high performance, high quality and durable materials. High-speed fast playback equipment, in order to prevent passengers from falling, must be equipped with a safety fence.     For amusement equipment manufacturers, the choice of amusement equipment directly affects the quality and safety of amusement equipment. Therefore, the amusement equipment editor will introduce you to several selection methods!     Motor quality and life  The core of amusement equipment is motor. No motor can't run, the motor is too small to load too much. Therefore, when choosing amusement equipment, everyone should pay attention to the motor manual.     The thickness of the plate, the thickness of the steel.     This is what the surface covers. As a service industry, entertainment equipment is the focus of safety. How to be safe without a stable and solid architecture?     In fact, there are many preventive measures for amusement equipment. You should pay attention when you choose.     For amusement equipment, the important customer group is children. If operators choose amusement equipment according to the market development prospect, they will have better income. How to choose amusement equipment according to the development prospect?     1. Designed for children of different ages  First of all, amusement equipment should vary by age. The amusement equipment that children like to play can be operated freely, but it is too difficult to make children feel bored, too simple and bored. Therefore, parents should purchase according to the age group indicated on the amusement equipment.     2, safety  Amusement equipment should be non-toxic, have no sharp edges, and do not use flammable materials. The combination of parts should be strong.     3, beautiful appearance  Good amusement equipment can give people a good feeling and mention a visual impact. For example, loud sounds, brilliant colors and some special shapes can be used to stimulate children's vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc.
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