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by:SKP     2020-02-27
The well-known Ferris wheel in the city of Leopold in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 1897 and has been in operation for more than 100 years. It is still in operation and has become a famous local scenic spot. It has not only witnessed the development of the city, it also provides a vivid example of the importance of amusement equipment maintenance. Practice has proved that good maintenance work can effectively prolong the actual service life of amusement equipment and reduce the profit cost on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of equipment. The maintenance of amusement equipment includes the following aspects: 1. Inspect and repair the equipment in a timely manner to facilitate the timely resolution of problems found. In addition, most amusement equipment belongs to mechanical equipment. Once it is eroded by rain, snow or other bad weather, it is easy to cause abnormalities. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of sheltering from rain and snow. If there is water on the amusement equipment, the water should be removed. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be properly kept in a ventilated and non-humid place to prevent non-human damage to the equipment. Equipment storage is to prevent rat insects from biting, and the deworming work in the storage room should be done well. 2. The materials of amusement equipment are mostly plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal. When we clean plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic, we can use soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc. to dilute and soak, scrub with soft cloth or soft brush, and then rinse with clear water. If the metal part is to be derusted, you can use a brush to remove the floating rust and wipe it with a dry cloth; After being exposed to the sun, you can spray it with paint and spray it again after drying to protect it. After the paint is completely dry, clean, dry and disinfect. When cleaning the circuit part, be sure to cut off the power, scrub it with a wet cloth that cannot be screwed out of water, and turn on the power supply after it is dry. 3. When maintaining the equipment, be sure to check whether the connection part is firm, whether the metal frequently moves the connection part, whether the circuit appliances and common parts are damaged, and whether sharp parts cannot be left in all parts to avoid leave a security risk. When serious safety problems are found, stop the operation to avoid safety accidents. Maintenance is not like amusement equipment repair or renovation, which requires obtaining the license qualification distributed by the national or provincial species equipment safety management department, but maintenance personnel must undergo training and examination, it is necessary to obtain the qualification of special equipment operators, and for the operation and use units to carry out the maintenance work of their own amusement facilities, the 'regulations on the supervision of amusement facilities' requires that the operating units should be equipped with qualified operators, necessary tools and equipment in accordance with the requirements of the safety technical specifications. 1. If the new type of amusement equipment encounters rainy weather, it is best to use rain-proof equipment to cover the new type of amusement equipment to avoid corrosion over time. If the equipment enters the water, different parts should be treated by different methods, and the rainwater should be disposed as soon as possible. 2, regular inspection of amusement equipment, if found fault to timely maintenance! 3. When serious safety problems are found, stop the operation to avoid causing safety accidents. 4, to regularly maintain the equipment, cleaning, etc.
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