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by:SKP     2020-02-29
Yesterday, a customer came to consult the inflatable castle. He said: I saw someone running the inflatable castle in the square. The business is good. I want to try it myself, but the castle has been developed for many years, now they are seeking new changes, can they make a profit by operating an inflatable castle? The customer's doubts believe that many investors have had it at the beginning, but they want to invest but worry that the inflatable castle is out of date, no longer liked by children, resulting in poor business, and ultimately unable to make a profit, there is no need to doubt the ability of the inflatable castle to make money. Why do you say that? Guangzhou Haibei will explain it to you. Seeking new changes, the classification remains the same: the society is constantly developing, and everyone is pursuing innovation, but looking at the large toys currently in operation in the market, its types can still be divided into two categories--Inflatable and mechanical. These two types of toys have their own advantages, and there is a complementary relationship in the competition. For example, in large playgrounds or parks, you can often see the scenes of mechanical toys and inflatable castles. Therefore, on the premise that the big classification remains unchanged, inflatable castles will not be replaced by certain toys. Seeking new changes, changing the details: stopping and staying unchanged does not meet the market requirements, nor is it the consistent style of Guangzhou Wolong. On the premise that the big classification remains unchanged, we can pursue innovation in details, so as to continuously improve the inflatable castle and make it have a market competitive advantage, not only will it not be eliminated by the market but also can easily make profits. In terms of style, Guangzhou Wolong has always pursued the popular cartoon anime image that is popular among children; In terms of gameplay, the transition from a single gameplay to a variety of gameplay, so that children can play how they want to play. In fact, this is the result of continuous innovation. Therefore, although the inflatable castle has been developed for many years, its ability to make money does not need to be doubted, and there will be broader development prospects in the future. Do not believe? How Lively is the business scene!
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