What are the benefits of choosing a combination slide -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
1 wire rubbing machine Bridge, sliding tube, roof, stairs, platform, upright post, ladder, slide, pipe climbing, and rope net; All the slides are connected by fasteners, and the surface does not have every sharp object protruding. Each component has multiple models and variegated selection; It is also possible to implement personalized design and production according to customer needs. The product is delicate and charming in color, not easy to decolorize, high in strength, antistatic, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-resistant, safe and durable in structure, wonderful in slide design for young children, color matching and harmony, the wonderful integration of various parts of plastic, young children's amusement equipment brings peace, happiness and active feelings to children. Organized slide series products are designed by special and varied games, which enable playground builders, kindergartens and communities to create endless happiness and attraction in limited space, with popular and generous styles, advanced. The brand-new amusement equipment is made of aluminum alloy from the upright post, clamp to the top cover of the upright post, which is durable in the long run. Anti-rust function strong. For more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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