What are the new bumper cars on the square, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-05
The square bumper car is a collision project, and the occupants are generally children and teenagers over 3 years old. Many adults who like excitement will also take bumper cars. Sitting in a bumper car with exciting music, collision, not to mention how happy, almost every park, square, playground, etc. will have bumper cars. Then. What are the new varieties of wucci amusement equipment bumper cars? First, the Tiger cow bumper car Tiger cow bumper car is the company's new parent-child double interactive bumper car, using: glass fiber reinforced plastic material, stepless speed regulation, thickened anti-collision, cool shape, etc. Haibei amusement Tiger cow bumper car commodity information product name Tiger cow bumper car start mode remote control product size 135*110*80 timing mode music box within 30 minutes free timing product material thickened engineering plastic blower comes standard with a 24V80W fan walking speed 0-6 kilometers (Stepless speed change) Cover lights car standard 30 lights motor model 24V250W battery model 24V20A each car with 2 pieces (Chaowei battery)1. Cool LED lights: LED colorful lights, make bumper cars more cool, attract children's attention, more active, live atmosphere 2. Thickened anti-collision: thickened anti-collision strips are safer and children are more at ease when playing. 3. Remote control configuration: configure the remote control to control the vehicle more conveniently. 4. Intelligent mainboard: stepless speed change intelligent mainboard, remote control, electronic brake, stable performance without burning board. II. Xiaolongren bumper car xiaolongren bumper car product parameters product name xiaolongren bumper car start mode remote control start, key start shell material rotational plastic touch-resistant shell speed 6- 12 yards appearance size 165*87*150 packing size 1700*800*1550 motor power 350W brushless motor battery parameters 20A * 2 rated load 300 vehicle weight 70kg battery life 6 hours charging time 8- 10-hour matching lantern LED horse racing Flash MP3 music SD card/TF card 3. Machine Man electric bumper car sea Times Machine Man electric bumper car brand quality, excellent accessories to meet more of your needs at a very affordable price. Haibei Machine Man electric bumper car product parameters name Machine Man material imported PE material battery 12V50AH * 2 Speed 6-12-yard motor 250W (Brushless Motor) Bearing 20kg audio fixed MP3 music, motorcycle sound effect operation time continues to run 4- The 5-hour function handle turns around 180 degrees, and the handle accelerator, brake, front and rear gear, timing, counting and anti-collision system 1. The Machine Man electric bumper car uses imported environmentally friendly PE materials, which are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and have no harm to children. 2. The chassis of the Machine Man electric bumper car body is made of steel frame, which is durable and heavy. 3. Hub brushless motor: energy-saving motor, long service life, durable and not easy to break. 4. Highly attached anti-skid tires: to achieve an incredibly smooth experience, with powerful functions and strong stability. 5. Humanized design of backrest: According to anthropological design, it conforms to the state of human body when riding. 6. Comfortable seats: spacious and comfortable large seats, creating a comfortable environment for you to play. Only display screen: it is more convenient to manage the power display and counting function. 8. Handle: exquisite workmanship, full of technology, light and durable, good gloss, corrosion resistance, Sun resistance. 9. Pedal: exquisite workmanship, full of technical feeling, corrosion resistance, Sun resistance, strong strike resistance and easy cleaning.
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